Seed Stand Audit

Future Trees Trust has undertaken an audit of the 'selected' seed stands on the Forestry Commission's FRM register. This project, commissioned by the Forestry Commission and undertaken by Forestart, provides a unique review of the state of 95 'selected' seed stands in terms of their viability as seed sources.

In Great Britain, relatively few native broadleaf species have stands registered. This means that there is not a reliable resource of quality tree seed, which leads to the importation of seed possibly maladapted to the British environment. Those species which have a significant number of seed stands still do not seem to provide a reliable regular seed quantity. This was demonstrated in 2012 by the importation of Eastern European acorns when there failed to be a mast year in Britain. What is unclear is that why this should be the case.

This Project will provide Forestry Commission, and indeed anyone else, with the intelligence and evidence to make the supply of quality broadleaf tree seed more resilient.

The Project will consist of two stages. First, an audit of the known resource – the stands currently on the FRM register. A second stage will identify seed resource for species currently not on the register.

This Stage 1 report summarises the audit of 'selected' seed stands currently included on the FRM register as detailed below:

SpeciesNo. of 'Selected' Stands
Pedunculate oak 35
Sessile oak 22
Silver birch 5
Beech 23
Sycamore 5
Sweet chestnut 4
Small leaved lime 1
Total 95

The report is available here.

Posted on the 9th October 2014 at 11:24am.