The NTIS Steering Group includes members from across the forestry sector:

Steve Lee Ex Forest Research Chair of NTIS
Alex Brownlie BSW Timber Ltd Sawmillers - Conifers
Harry Frew Cheviot TreesCONFOR Nursery Producers Group Private Nurseries
Andrew Heald CONFOR Forestry Sector
Roger Coppock Ex Forestry Commission  
Gustavo Lopez Forest Research Tree Breeding
Robert Lee Forestart Seed Purchasers
Mike Render Forestry Commission England England
Alan Harrison Forestry Commission Nurseries Public Nurseries
Andy Leitch Forestry Commission Scotland Scotland
Jo Clark Future Trees Trust Broadleaf Tree Breeding
Tim Rowland Future Trees Trust Secretariat / Admin for NTIS
Clare Trivedi Kew Gardens Forest Genetic Resources rep
Mike Harvey Maelor Forest Nurseries Ltd / Conifer Breeding Co-op  
Alan Hunt Natural Resources Wales Wales
John Mackay University of Oxford Academia
Jon Stokes The Tree Council  
David Edwards Tilhill Forestry / ICF Private Growers - Conifers
Charles Beaumont TreesPlease HTA Tree and Hedging Group
David Sulman Confor (formerly UKFPA) Sawmillers - Broadleaves
John Tucker Woodland Trust NGO