Welcome to Future Trees Trust. We hope that you find what are you are looking for here.

We are the only UK charity dedicated to improving broadleaved trees by conventional selective breeding. In just the same way that it’s possible to breed better cows, pigs, wheat, apples and roses, it’s possible to do the same with broadleaved trees. It takes much longer, but the results can be world-changing.

We have dozens of trials and seed orchards across the UK, as shown on the map below:

We use research to make sure that the next generation of broadleaved trees will produce better quality timber more quickly and will deliver all the environmental, social and economic benefits that they possibly can. By helping trees to survive longer, sequester more carbon and produce more timber more quickly, we know that many more people will chose to plant broadleaved trees, with all the benefits they will bring to our environment, our society and our economy.

We have some bold plans for the next five years.
By 2025, we will:

•  Plant progeny trials for silver birch and sycamore
•  Establish six oak grafted seed orchards
•  Continue work on the Living Ash Project to find ash trees resilient to ash dieback
•  Identify 50 more birch and oak plus trees
•  Collect grafting material from all newly identified plus trees
•  Establish four demonstration plots across the UK to showcase our achievements