Tree breeding is long term, expensive work and we partner with many organisations to achieve our goals.  Our core work is with seven important timber species, but we also work on other projects to address tree health, forest adaptation and resilience.  All our projects are underpinned by the use of Forest Genetic Resources, so we have created an interactive platform that brings together initiatives and partners using forest genetics resources for multiple purposes, such as timber production, seed sourcing and long term conservation of species – the UK Forest Genetics Resources website.

Living Ash Project (LAP)

A DEFRA-funded project exploring and assessing natural tolerance to ash dieback

UK Forest Genetic Resources (UKFGR)

An online map-based database of active field trials and tree seed orchards in Britain

Sustainable Seed Source Project (SSSP)

Assessing the current seed demand and availability for lesser used species and suggesting new seed stands

National Tree Improvement Strategy (NTIS)

Bringing together organisations in broadleaved and conifer tree improvement to tackle shared challenges

A Strategy for UK Forest Genetic Resources

Guiding the conservation and promoting the value of Britain’s native trees and shrubs