The Cherry group consists currently of nine members. To contact any of the Group Members please contact the Cherry Group secretary Ms Karen Russell.

The cherry group held its first meeting at Woodland Improvement and Conservation Ltd, Gloucestershire on 17th July 1997. The cherry improvement programme is the most advanced of the FTT species groups because since 1989 Defra (formerly MAFF) has funded genetic improvement programme at East Malling Research (formerly Horticulture Research International). This work is now jointly funded by Defra and the Forestry Commission. The group supports EMR’s on going programme of research by helping in the location and collection of ‘plus’ trees, the selection of sites for trials and seed orchards, the selection of trees from the breeding programme, development of research priorities and the promotion of cherry as a valuable timber and amenity tree. In addition, the cherry group would like to see research undertaken on the silviculture of cherry, aspects of timber quality and seed orchards progeny trials.

Group Members

David Boshier – University of Oxford
Gerry Douglas – Teagasc
Jim McAdam – AFBI
John Baly – Woodland Improvement & Conservation Ltd.
Karen Russell (Secretary) – Lockhart Garrat
Normal Weiss – Landowner and forester
Rik Pakenham (Chairman) – Forestry consultant, Chiltern Forestry
Robert Lee – Forestart
Rodrigo Olave – AFBI