The National Tree Improvement Strategy (NTIS) is an initiative to bring together all parties interested in tree improvement in the UK and Ireland. The NTIS aims to promote the awareness, coordination and development of tree improvement amongst all interested parties and to create new opportunities for collaboration, drawing on the strengths of the parties involved.

NTIS Strategy Document
NTIS Action Plan
NTIS Steering Group Members


The current secretariat and main point of contact for the NTIS is Tim Rowland, Chief Executive Officer at Future Trees Trust:

NTIS Vision:

Through selection and breeding of a wide range of tree species capable of thriving in U.K. conditions – broadleaves and conifers, native and exotic – we aim to promote economic value, genetic diversity and species resilience; producing trees with good vigour and timber quality, showing resistance to known pests and diseases and able to withstand the seasonal and longer-term climatic variations, whilst ensuring all selected material is available to all interested parties.