Regional collection

Geographical area

No. of plus trees

Year of collection /grafting

Status in 2007


Tayside Glamis in east; Killin in West; Perth in South; Rannoch in North 47 2004 In polyhouse at NRS as 3- year-old grafts in pots with each tree replicated 4 times in a randomised layout Most plus trees archived at Bonskied Estate, Perthshire A high proportion of good plus trees. Trees tend to be located in stands of superior overall form. Includes 3 trees from slower growing populations at Rannoch. Poor flowering in year 2. Better flowering in year 3 with significant seed collected
Speyside/ Donside/ Deeside Kingussie to Fochabers on the Spey; Braemar to Banchory on the Dee; mid-Donside; mid-Deveronside 42 2006 2-year-old grafts grown outside in pots at NRS Tree form more variable than Tayside collection. Trees tend to be superior individuals in stands of moderate overall form. Seed sources in this region were fairly slow growing in provenance trials
Southern Scotland / Northern England An area bounded by Rivers Clyde, Forth, Mersey and Humber 43 recorded to date to be 2008 Plus tree form more variable than Tayside collection but similar to Speyside/Deeside/Donside. Trees tend to be superior individuals in stands of moderate overall form.
N. Scotland (Great Glen) Tomich southwards to Glen Garry. ~30 1993 Plants exist as archived material at FR NRS. A pilot collection made by FR in order mainly to test methodology. Some good plus trees, others poorer. Considerable numbers of plus trees from single stands. Some seed entered trade and was tested in Scottish seed source trials (E10) and shown to be quite slow growing