Living Ash Project Phase 2 Funding Announced

Future Trees Trust today announces the Living Ash Project Phase Two has been re-awarded funding.

The new five year programme is the second phase of this project aiming to secure trees tolerant to the fungal disease ash dieback for future seed production. The work has again been funded by Defra in partnership with Forest Research, Fera Science (Fera) and Kew.

Earlier this year, Future Trees Trust and its partners completed Phase 1 of the project by planting one of the last trees at an archive site of three thousand trees in Hampshire. The selected trees have displayed some tolerance to ash dieback and have been planted as part of a pioneering project to tackle the devastating tree disease.

Future Trees Trust will continue to monitor the archive intended to provide the basis for a breeding programme of tolerant ash over time and will enable the development of orchards producing commercially available seed.

Fera Science Ltd are undertaking LC-MS (liquid chromatography mass spectroscopy) work – a type of chemical fingerprinting to ascertain tolerance in the selected trees and Forest Research will undertake a series of controlled inoculations to also ascertain tolerance.

Kew will be researching methods of vegetative propagation to avoid the use of non-tolerant rootstocks using grafting of tolerant trees.

Future Trees Trust will also maintain and monitor existing research trials for further tolerant trees.

Jo Clark, Head of Research at Future Trees Trust said: “I am delighted we have secured another five year contract with Defra to continue our vital work.”

About Future Trees Trust:

Future Trees Trust is a charity dedicated to the improvement of broadleaved trees.

Our vision is to realise the economic, social and environmental benefits of broadleaved woodland by ensuring that, by 2050, anyone planting broadleaved trees in Great Britain or Ireland primarily to produce timber can do so using the highest standard of improved material.

We will undertake research to develop and conserve the genetic material needed to achieve our vision and will be a source of advice to all stakeholders in broadleaved woodlands.

For more information contact: Tim Rowland, CEO, Future Trees Trust +44 (0)7896 834518Jo Clark with Nicola from DEFRA, Forest Research

Posted on the 25th March 2020 at 8:28am.